Top ‘Off Grid’ Stays In Africa

With trips to bustling cities still seeming risky, 2020 is truly a year for off-grid travel.

After spending much of this year indoors, you might find yourself craving fresh air, natural beauty and the chance to roam in a socially distanced environment.

With this in mind, here are some suggestions to start your off-grid vacation planning:

££ Kanaan Desert Retreat, Namibia

Endless red dunes and crystal night skies along the Tiras Mountains. This desert hideaway truly takes you away from it all.

As the compound is boundryless, Kanaan is the perfect ecotourism destination, sharing the land with native animal populations. Hop into the ‘dam’ pool for a refreshingly cold dip, explore the landscape on horseback, or watch oryx come and go from your deck as you sip on one of Kanaan’s famous gin and tonics and take in the spectacular views.

££ Rainforest Lodge, Uganda

Spot monkeys jumping through the trees from your balcony in the middle of Mabira Forest, a short drive outside Uganda’s capital Kampala. Putting nature first, the lodge seamlessly blends into the forest landscape with the two coexisting peacefully.

The lodge is a Wi-fi freezone, making sure you have no distractions from your relaxing break in this magical setting. Rejuvenate with a swim beneath the towering trees, unwind with a massage at the lodge’s spa and enjoy international cuisine made with local produce prepared by the chef. All in a day’s work at Rainforest Lodge.

£££ Bushmans Kloof, South Africa

With a selection of rooms, suites and villas tucked away in the foothills of the Cederberg Mountains three-hours outside Cape Town, Bushmans Kloof is surrounded by nothing but miles of South African veldt.

This place is like no other, providing unique access to the legacy of ancient African culture, with rock art sites up to 10,000 years old dotted around the land. Bushman’s Kloof is dedicated to protecting these ancient sites, allowing guests and researchers to soak up the spiritual lessons of the land.

££££ Nyungwe House, Rwanda

Discover the theatre of African nature at this five-star hotel on a tea plantation overlooking Nyungwe National Park. The suites at Nyungwe House are separated from one another which gives the feeling of having your own private luxury experience in the jungle.

Get stuck in with a trek, exploring the jungle to encounter monkeys and chimpanzees, or take a guided tour to immerse yourself in local elders’ knowledge as they share the secrets of survival in this remote jungle environment. After a day’s exploring, relax and soak up the sounds of the surrounding wildlife in the evening, sipping cocktails by the crackling fire pit to finish off a truly memorable experience.

Before planning a trip to any of these destinations be sure to check the most up to date local travel information.

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